Six Rules from Oscar-Winning Editor Walter Murch

V Renee at No Film School discusses Walter Murch’s six rules for editing your film. He’s got two Oscars under his belt, so you might wanna listen ūüôā

6 ‘Rules’ for Good Cutting According to Oscar-Winning Editor Walter Murch

The Other Hero’s Journey

V Renee at No Film School discusses the other hero’s journey: the journey of the writer creating the story. Included with her thoughts is¬†the video essay¬†Michael Tucker of Lessons from the Screenplay¬†that discusses the creation of the film Inside Out and the challenges of bringing that story to life.

The Other Hero’s Journey: The Emotional Struggle of Screenwriting

Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Overhead Shooting Rig

DIYers this one is for you! V Renee at No Film School explains how to build your own overhead shooting rig so you can use some incredible shots in your work.

Full article and video here: Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Overhead Shooting Rig

How Cinematography and Editing Can Help Propel Your Story

V Renee at No Film School discusses how cinematography and editing are used to convey a character’s thoughts and solve mysteries in the hit BBC show Sherlock. Included is a video essay by Evan Puschak of Nerdwriter that explains how different editing techniques are used to put together the story like pieces of a puzzle.

Also included: the best description of Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice ever. ¬†¬†¬†

Full article and video essay here:¬†How ‘Sherlock’ Masterfully Solves Mysteries Using Cinematography and Editing