TED-Ed: The Power of Creative Constraints

The people at TED-Ed provide a great video discussion on creative constraints and how they can actually help you solve a problem as well as help you grow as a creator and innovator.

TED-Ed: The Power of Creative Constraints

TED-Ed: How to Use a Semicolon ;)

Grammar Police, this one is for you. The folks at TED-Ed provide a delightful tutorial on how to use the mysterious semi-colon. You’ll feel like a grammar Super Mario ready to take on anything after watching. I hope you find this helpful!

Watch full video here: Embrace the semi-confusing semicolon with these helpful guidelines

TED Talks: The Neuroscience of Imagination

Today’s science lesson: the neuroscience of imagination. This TED Talk discusses the science behind how imagination and creativity work in the human brain.

Enjoy the visions of dolphins and pineapples that are now dancing in your head.

Sorry, not sorry 🙂

TED Talks: The Neuroscience of Imagination

TED Talks for Writers

If you’re broke like me and don’t get to go to any cool conferences and film festivals because of it, this is for you. Here is a series of TED Talks just for writers that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!

TED Talks for Writers Who Can’t Afford Conferences