The Importance of Shared Inspiration

Brianne Hogan with Creative Screenwriting sat down with Lisa Robinson and Annie J. Howell to discuss their project, Claire in Motion, as well as how directors can learn from their actors, and their writing process.

Read the full article here: Shared Inspiration: Claire in Motion

Get Yourself to SXSW Eco with a Film About Architecture

Frank Zappa once said “writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Well, the folks at SXSW Eco want to see how your cameras dance as you create a film story about architecture for the SXSW Eco Conference. Applications are accepted in July and the correlating film submission in August. The submissions are judged and voted on in the fall and prizes of up to $2500 are awarded in October. Challenge accepted?

Get Yourself to SXSW

Click here to find out more about the I Look Up Film Challenge.

Information for the Architecture & Design Film Festival.