Notes from Aaron Sorkin’s Screenwriting MasterClass

MASTERCLASS has been providing incredible opportunities for newcomers to creative industries to learn from the masters. You can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay to acting from Kevin Spacey to tennis with Serena Williams. One Reddit user chronicled his experience with Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass on Screenwriting.

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Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

This video explains how to create the ultimate antagonist. Using The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger’s character of the Joker as an example, they breakdown precisely the goals of an effective antagonist.

Watch here: Lessons from the Screenplay: The Dark Knight – Creating the Ulitmate Antagonist

Revealing a Character’s Backstory

Martha Alderson at Script Magazine shares some secrets on how to reveal your character’s backstory wound, which plays just as vital a role as the current story being told. The backstory is what helps explain to the audience the hows, whats, and whys of the character when the audience meets them and why this journey that character is on is so crucial.

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How to Write Character Arcs in a Series

Creating character arcs in one story can be challenging enough. But some of us writers just have too much wracking in our brains, so we create a series. Which begs the next question: how do you create and maintain character arcs across a series? K.M. Weiland at Helping Writers Become Authors provides insight and guidance on how to do that.

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Naming Your Characters

Laura Martin provides a helpful list of tricks and tools to use when naming your story characters. Every writers knows this to be a tremendous chore and one that has a serious influence on your characters and how they are portrayed and perceived.

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The Right Way to Torture Your Characters

Brianna da Silva at Story Port provides some insight on how to appropriately and effectively “torture” your characters in ways that will make sense, enhance your story, develop your characters, and move your story forward.

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