How to Write a Screenplay with Heart

Tim Long at ScreenCraft shares some pointers on how to write a screenplay with heart and the ability to emotionally move an audience.

Blogger’s Note: there article contains links to The Secret Screenwriting Themes Behind All Pixar Movies and The Engine of Empathy

Read the full article here: How to Write a Screenplay with HEART

Hollins People Doing Great Things

Drum roll please…

THREE Hollins University Graduate Screenwriting and Film Studies alums made it to the Quarter-Finals of the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship contest. And they are:

David Morrow – The Bargain

Homer Hsieh – The Risk Factor

Nick Leitzke – Reverb

Congratulations gentlemen!! Good luck!

See the full list here: Announcing The 4th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarter-Finalists

Screencraft’s Anatomy of a Scene: How to Introduce Ensemble Characters

Ken Miyamoto at ScreenCraft uses the film The Big Chill to break down the anatomy of a scene and story that introduces multiple characters of an ensemble cast. He uses three questions as a guide for the discussion:

  1. What is the moment of characterization?
  2. What does this tell about the character?
  3. How is this used for drama later?

Read the full article here: How to Introduce Ensemble Characters

Side note: The Big Chill has a fantastic soundtrack. If you’ve never heard it, it certainly worth the listen.

ScreenCraft’s Anatomy of a Scene: How to Write Suspence Sequences

The folks at ScreenCraft sat down to discuss how Stephen Spielberg introduces characters and create suspense sequences with focus on film Jurassic Park. The T-Rex scene is used to dissect how Spielberg set up the scenes and paid them off later in the film.

Full article here: Suspense Sequences