Notes from Aaron Sorkin’s Screenwriting MasterClass

MASTERCLASS has been providing incredible opportunities for newcomers to creative industries to learn from the masters. You can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay to acting from Kevin Spacey to tennis with Serena Williams. One Reddit user chronicled his experience with Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass on Screenwriting.

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Jennie Evenson’s Guide on How to Take Notes Like a Pro

Notes. We writers seem to have a love-hate relationship with notes. We need them to become better writers, improve our stories, and help us get over whatever block we’ve hit. But the notion of a brain other than our own saying something remotely disagreeable or giving less than a pleasant critique of the brain child we’ve spent hours creating can send our heads spinning with anxiety. Jennie Evenson provides some excellent pointers on how to receive notes like a pro. By the way, Quentin Tarantino still gets notes.

How to Take Notes Like a Pro