Netflix vs. Spielberg?

Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz, perhaps you haven’t, but things are changing in Hollywood and not everyone is on board. Steven Spielberg (maybe you’ve heard of him?) has some strong opinions about streaming services and awards eligibility. And Netflix has some strong opinions about his opinions.

Check out this article for the latest on the saga.

And leave a note in the comments about YOUR opinions. How has streaming changed things for us aspiring filmmakers? How should eligibility be determined for awards? Who is right, who is wrong? Also, what are you binging right now (I’m looking for some new recommendations)?

Watch: In ‘The Crown,’ Centering Creates a Regal Mood

Max Winter at No Film School discusses the Netflix show The Crown and uses it to illustrate how centering can be used to create a regal mood for stories onscreen.

Full video essay here: Watch: In ‘The Crown,’ Centering Creates a Regal Mood