Six Rules from Oscar-Winning Editor Walter Murch

V Renee at No Film School discusses Walter Murch’s six rules for editing your film. He’s got two Oscars under his belt, so you might wanna listen 🙂

6 ‘Rules’ for Good Cutting According to Oscar-Winning Editor Walter Murch

Zoe Lister-Jones on her Directorial Debut and her All-Female Crew

Melissa Silverstein with Women & Hollywood sat down with Zoe Lister-Jones to talk about her directorial debut and hiring an all female film crew for her film, Band Aid, which premiered at Sundance this past January. 

Read the full interview here: Zoe Lister-Jones on Hiring an All-Female Crew for Her Directorial Debut “Band Aid”

Lessons for Filmmakers from Julian Rosefeldt’s “Manifesto”

Randy Astle at Filmmaker Magazine discusses four lessons that filmmakers can take from Manifesto, Julian Rosefeldt’s film featuring Cate Blanchett in twelve different roles.

Four Lessons for Filmmakers from Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto

Ten Films that Changed Filmmaking

Baptiste Charles-Aubert at Raindance ranked the top ten films that changed the cinematography game and how the directors worked their magic.

Full article here: 10 Films That Broke the Rules of Cinematography

Vimeo for Aspiring Directors

Want to learn how to direct a film, but how ZERO idea where to start? Vimeo is here to help. The sight now offers Vimeo Video School with “Directing 101” and other lessons for aspiring filmmakers to check out and learn from. There’s a video for just about anything you can think of, even how to make a prosthetic mask!

Read full article and watch the video here: Vimeo for Aspiring Directors