Notes from Aaron Sorkin’s Screenwriting MasterClass

MASTERCLASS has been providing incredible opportunities for newcomers to creative industries to learn from the masters. You can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay to acting from Kevin Spacey to tennis with Serena Williams. One Reddit user chronicled his experience with Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass on Screenwriting.

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Eleven Stages of a Master Screenplay

Robert Misovic at Pensare Films provided a different take on and breakdown of a screenplay. Misovic breaks a screenplay down into eleven steps, as opposed to the nine provided by the standard plot points. He uses films such as Rocky, The Godfather, Gone Girl, Titanic, Jaws, and Jurassic Park to illustrate each step.

11 Stages of a Master Screenplay

Creating the Ultimate Antagonist

This video explains how to create the ultimate antagonist. Using The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger’s character of the Joker as an example, they breakdown precisely the goals of an effective antagonist.

Watch here: Lessons from the Screenplay: The Dark Knight – Creating the Ulitmate Antagonist

60 Things for Your Characters to DO While They Talk or Think

Creating and developing every little thing characters do in your stories is, although rewarding, very exhausting. As screenwriters, we have to take this task one step further and write the characters’ actions in such a way that they can be understood so they can be converted to images and actions performed. Long story short, show don’t tell. The author, Amanda Patterson, also provides within the article a “cheat sheet for writing body language” and “five simple ways to describe characters”.

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“Wait. Ben. Say That Again.”: Graham Moore on How to Write Characters That Are Smarter Than You

Academy Award winning writer Graham Moore, The Imitation Game, talks about his experiences writing the film that won him Oscar gold. He discusses the challenges of writing about a character who is smarter than you as well as fighting the cliches that surround the portrayal of highly intelligent figures in films.

*Graham Moore won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game.

*Benedict Cumberbatch received an Academy Award nomination for his role as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

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Naming Your Characters

Laura Martin provides a helpful list of tricks and tools to use when naming your story characters. Every writers knows this to be a tremendous chore and one that has a serious influence on your characters and how they are portrayed and perceived.

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The Right Way to Torture Your Characters

Brianna da Silva at Story Port provides some insight on how to appropriately and effectively “torture” your characters in ways that will make sense, enhance your story, develop your characters, and move your story forward.

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