Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Overhead Shooting Rig

DIYers this one is for you! V Renee at No Film School explains how to build your own overhead shooting rig so you can use some incredible shots in your work.

Full article and video here: Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Overhead Shooting Rig

How to Pick the Best Camera for You

Looking for a new a camera? Here’s a handy chart created by Charles Haine at No Film School to help you figure out which camera to chose.

Full article here: Camera Comparison Chart

The Advantages of a Third Camera

Jourdan Aldredge at The Beat offers pointers and insight on how to use a third camera in interview set ups and the advantages of doing so.

Full video and article here: How to Use a Third Camera on Interview Shoots

How to Create the “Vertigo Effect”

Daron James at No Film School provides a tutorial on how to create the “Vertigo Effect” in films. He uses Breaking Bad and Goodfellas as visual examples.

Full article here: How to Create the “Vertigo Effect”