Screenwriting Wisdom from the Screenwriter Behind “Fight Club”

Ken Miyamoto at ScreenCraft sat down with Jim Uhls to offer insight on writing, original work versus an adaptation, how to interview your characters, making both the analytical and intuitive sides of your brain to work together, tricks for pitch meetings, and how to handle that unavoidable demon known as writer’s block.

Read full article and watch full interview here: Screenwriting Wisdom from the Screenwriter Behind “Fight Club”

The Writer’s Circle Ranks the Top Ten Book-to-Film Adaptations

Although so many films across several genres of story are inspired by books, there are so many feelings regarding book adaptations in the film industry. There’s always the “the book was better” group. But the folks at The Writer’s Circle compiled a list of the best book-to-film adaptations.

Take a look here: Top Ten Book-to-Film Adaptations