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  1. Bagul 1 year ago

    A ese trasero le hace falta un pene. . que coincidencia yo tengo.

  2. Tojasida 1 year ago

    Hola tengo ideas para hacer cortos porno si te interesa me avisas! Saludo!

  3. Shakakazahn 1 year ago

    Cant waot to get gome to enjoy those ass photos!

  4. Kazijinn 1 year ago

    How nasty have you been lately. You know I want to hear it.

  5. Yozshukora 1 year ago

    As an adult, I have learned how many people keep score with money. It’s insanity. My Aunt, at age 55, told my grandparents that she was still angry about the down payment they gave my dad for his first house 25 years before and demanded that they, as 80 year olds on a fixed income, buy her new appliances to compensate. (They had given my dad the $10,000 down payment because he put himself through college and they didn’t pay for his wedding).

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