15 Screenwriting Lessons People Learn Too Late

This video popped up on my suggested articles the other day. My first thought was, “great, another listicle. I’m so sick of these.” My second thought was, “An hour?! Are you kidding? I’m a millennial, I don’t watch anything longer than 3 minutes.” But it kept popping up, no matter how many times I ignored it. And I’m so glad it did. I listened to the first couple minutes, intending to turn it off. The first two minutes were so good that I listened to the whole thing.

This is an hour of help, motivation, advice, butt-kicking, reality checks, and inspiration that I do not regret. Take a look and you might find a nugget of help for you in here too.


The $25 Million Dollar Man

Parks and Recreation is my favorite show of all time. Although, the new(ish) The Good Place is threatening to knock it out of first place, if they would just make more episodes! Needless to say, I think Michael Schur is amazing. But do I think he’s worth $25,000,000? That’s 6 zeros, people. I’ve been suggested a lot of articles recently about the deal NBC has struck to keep The Office writer/producer around. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are really changing the way media is being produced, distributed, and consumed. And some people are really benefiting from it.

Take a look at this (and this, and this) article talking about the deal. What do you think? Are these good changes? Does the deal make sense? How will this affect your future as a content creator? Will this deal get them to make longer seasons of The Good Place, PLEASE?!

Netflix vs. Spielberg?

Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz, perhaps you haven’t, but things are changing in Hollywood and not everyone is on board. Steven Spielberg (maybe you’ve heard of him?) has some strong opinions about streaming services and awards eligibility. And Netflix has some strong opinions about his opinions.

Check out this article for the latest on the saga.

And leave a note in the comments about YOUR opinions. How has streaming changed things for us aspiring filmmakers? How should eligibility be determined for awards? Who is right, who is wrong? Also, what are you binging right now (I’m looking for some new recommendations)?