You’re a Great Screenwriter

But seriously, you are. It’s a hard thing to try to get better at something so subjective and difficult to measure, but I promise, you’re doing great! ScreenCraft agrees. They’ve put together this handy checklist to occasionally measure yourself up to. Even the best screenwriters deal with rejection and feelings of inadequacy because there’s not a simple way of knowing that you’re actually getting better. But if you’re looking for some positive validation that all of your hard work is paying off and making you a better screenwriter, here it is:

Any tips on how you keep yourself in check and stay motivated to keep working? Please share them here. We could all use a little support.

Writing a Pilot That Sells

TV is living its best life with a nostalgic resurgence of old favorites like “Roseanne” and “Will and Grace”, as well as bold new shows like “The Good Place” and “This is Us.” If you’ve ever had an idea you’re afraid may be too out there, TV is the right medium for you. Take a look at this in-depth guide for writing a pilot that will do more than sit on your hard drive collecting e-dust.

How to Write a TV Script if You’re Serious About Selling It

Any tips or tricks you’ve found that help with pilot writing? Share them here!