Akira Kurosawa on Screenwriting

Naomi Beaty at ScreenCraft discusses Akira Kurosawa and his creative process and his advice to aspiring writers and filmmakers.

Full article and video here: Screenwriting Advice from Akira Kurosawa

The Advantages of a Third Camera

Jourdan Aldredge at The Beat offers pointers and insight on how to use a third camera in interview set ups and the advantages of doing so.

Full video and article here: How to Use a Third Camera on Interview Shoots

Now What?

Meredith Alloway talks with Filmmaker Magazine and other filmmakers about what to do when the film is all done.

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“To Be a Great Cinematographer You’ve Got to Be a Great Inventor”

Charles Haine at No Film School shares some secrets to being a great cinematographer and how one of the many overlooked and underappreciated responsibilities of the cinematographer is to “invent needed tools”.

Read the full article here: To Be a Great Cinematographer You’ve Got to be a Great Inventor

The Ideal Plot Twist

Max Winter at No Film School uses David Fincher’s film The Game to illustrate how to create a plot twist in your story.

Full video and article here: How David Fincher Creates the Ideal Plot Twist

What 12 Real Women Filmmakers Wear to Set

Since women are constantly being asked about and evaluated on their wardrobes, Paula Bernstein at Filmmaker magazine investigated the dialogue happening around the subject.

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How to Write a Screenplay with Heart

Tim Long at ScreenCraft shares some pointers on how to write a screenplay with heart and the ability to emotionally move an audience.

Blogger’s Note: there article contains links to The Secret Screenwriting Themes Behind All Pixar Movies and The Engine of Empathy

Read the full article here: How to Write a Screenplay with HEART

“You Try.”

Liz Shannon Miller with IndieWire shares insight on the gender gap problem in Hollywood. She discusses how the women in the industry address the issue and how they are working to ameliorate it.

Read the full article here: How Do You Create a TV Industry that Supports Women Directors? You Try.