People of Hollins Summer 2016

HU 2016 A
Geoff Geib and Melanie Moses chat it up during Alumni Weekend Readings
HU Alumni Readings 2016
The gang all together for the annual reading of alumni work during HU Screenwriting Alumni Weekend 2016
HU Crew 2016
Hollins University Screenwriting and Film Studies 2016 Farewell #VirginiaIsForLovers #HUscreenwriting #filmmakerfriends
HU Geoff's 40th SRB
Celebrating Geoff Geib’s birthday at Soaring Ridge #wearefamily
HU Webseries Crew 2016
The Web Series crew #workinghardorhardlyworking? Seriously, they worked really hard and did a phenomenal job this summer.
HU webseries wrap 2016
That’s a wrap!! The HU 2016 Webseries “Speak for Yourself” is finally finished! #HUscreenwriting #hollins2016 #webseries #moviemakermadness

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